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Please reach out if you're interested in working together, or are curious if I can help.

Frequently asked questions

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When will I hear back?

I strive to respond to contact requests with all possible haste - usually within the same day. If you do not hear from me for a couple of days, please reach out via LinkedIn.

Why would I submit a contact request?

Submissions generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Consulting/Contracting requests - you have work that needs doing, and are interested in getting some insight into how it might be done and at what cost.
  • Interview requests - you're recruiting for or hiring for a position you feel I would be a good fit for and are interested in discussing it in more detail.
  • Sales/demo requests - you're trying to sell something. To save some time and effort: I'm not presently in the market for any new solutions and when I am: I'll contact you.