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Knowing what you value is the first step in understanding what you're capable of.


Professional Values

I keep a narrow list of professional values:

  • [Extreme] Ownership - Negative outcomes are your fault; positive outcomes are a result of your efforts. To think otherwise is to admit you're powerless to prevent poor results or to deliver good ones.
  • Systems Thinking - Everything is connected; everything is related. Figure out how to deliver widespread improvement through targeted, quality effort. 
  • Customer Focus - Business is about providing value to others so as to in turn be compensated for that value. The more we focus on improving the lives of customers, the more valuable we are, the more we are rewarded for our efforts.

Leadership Principles

I lead with the following in mind:

  • Unity of Purpose - Align all resources to a common objective to maximize velocity, thereby achieving success in the shortest possible time. Do not align all resources to a common approach: diversity of thought is paramount to success.
  • Vision - There is a bigger picture that perhaps only you can see. Share it with your team; they may see a detail you can't. Do not turn your vision into a sacred cow; goals need to adapt to reality and accommodate input.
  • Clarity of Intent - Be clear to others in what you do and are going to do and, equally important: be clear in why.


I expect the following from those I work with:

  • Think Critically - I like first principles thinkers, not first order thinkers. I like people who look upstream and downstream. Think about what you're doing, and think about why.
  • Act Intentionally - Before you do something, remember why you're doing it: to produce a desired outcome with the lowest possible downside risk. Perform with the outcome in mind.
  • Show Up - Beyond attendance, show up mentally. Something going on at home? Take the time you need to get it sorted. Nothing you can do? Compartmentalize, then Do Something Great.